2019 | The Last Quarter

I haven’t been active for the past four months because, yeah, I’ve been back to work! Once again, the busy days become longer and the rest days are shorter. But I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the four months of vacation and the four months that followed that put my grind and game face back on. Here’s what happened to me in the last quarter of 2019:

2019 | July

July is the month of heartbreaks and miracles. Just looking at my Mood Tracker you'll know I went through series of ups and downs the whole month. Though we have the means to spend on our daily expenses because of Aljhon's business, we started to feel the effect of my work hiatus on our savings. … Continue reading 2019 | July

Summer learnings (as of May 2018)

Team CGS attended the CEAP seminar for non-licensed Guidance Counselors on May 8-9, 2018 at UST. It was a fruitful 2-day learning opportunity as UST Guidance Counselors gave insightful talk about Prevention Programming, Counseling theories applicable to school setting, Suicide Prevention, and Building Resilience. I am glad that I was finally reunited with my co-GCs … Continue reading Summer learnings (as of May 2018)