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What if this year is going to be your last?

Today is the last day of January, the first month of the year and of the decade. As we all know, numerous catastrophes had already happened, and we're reminded of one thing: that we are all - regardless of our wealth, status, intelligence, or education- just fleeting journeyers in life. Nothing is permanent, and everything… Continue reading What if this year is going to be your last?

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The Best is still Yet to Come

Natural calamities in all sides of the world. Impending war. Continous loss and changes of morals and values.. Despite all of these things happening even in the onset of the New Year, we look on to God and keep in our faith, because we know that our God is a good and gracious God.

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Confessions of an Old young servant-leader

BANG! The pain was searing, starting from the deepest hollow of my heart. It was slowly creating a hole big enough to engulf all reasons and dissolve any feelings of fondness and tenderness. The realization born out of their evasion was further confirmed thru words- letters knitted together to become an ultimate lethal weapon- though… Continue reading Confessions of an Old young servant-leader