On Work and Vocation

As we just celebrated Labor Day last Friday, the prev month was designated "Counseling Awareness Month", and this May we are observing the "Mental Health Awareness Month", I thought of writing something about my profession- being a School Guidance Counselor.

What if this year is going to be your last?

Today is the last day of January, the first month of the year and of the decade. As we all know, numerous catastrophes had already happened, and we're reminded of one thing: that we are all - regardless of our wealth, status, intelligence, or education- just fleeting journeyers in life. Nothing is permanent, and everything … Continue reading What if this year is going to be your last?

Awardless valedictorian

http://news.abs-cbn.com/life/07/14/18/sakto-lang-lanyards-not-medals-for-ust-grad-in-viral-tweet 💘💘💘 This article shot right through my heart, for I know what that student feels, and I was compelled to share. Hahah 😅 One step into UST campus as a high school freshman way back in 2003, I already realized I'm no match with my classmates. Though I know deep inside that I can … Continue reading Awardless valedictorian