New Home

Hey! I moved HERE. If you liked what you've read in this blog, hoping you can still journey with me in my new home. See you! 🙂 ❤

Currently in ECQ

It's the 9th week (Day 50 or 60-something; after Day 20, I lose track already) of the government-implemented Enhanced Community Quarantine here in Metro Manila, Philippines. Where I am residing, we have the highest number of confirmed cases in the whole QC, so it is only expected that we are put under Extreme ECQ (I'm … Continue reading Currently in ECQ

On Work and Vocation

As we just celebrated Labor Day last Friday, the prev month was designated "Counseling Awareness Month", and this May we are observing the "Mental Health Awareness Month", I thought of writing something about my profession- being a School Guidance Counselor.

The Best is still Yet to Come

Natural calamities in all sides of the world. Impending war. Continous loss and changes of morals and values.. Despite all of these things happening even in the onset of the New Year, we look on to God and keep in our faith, because we know that our God is a good and gracious God.

2019 | The Last Quarter

I haven’t been active for the past four months because, yeah, I’ve been back to work! Once again, the busy days become longer and the rest days are shorter. But I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the four months of vacation and the four months that followed that put my grind and game face back on. Here’s what happened to me in the last quarter of 2019: