2019 | The Last Quarter

I haven’t been active for the past four months because, yeah, I’ve been back to work! Once again, the busy days become longer and the rest days are shorter. But I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the four months of vacation and the four months that followed that put my grind and game face back on. Here’s what happened to me in the last quarter of 2019:

FEU Diliman

My new professional “home”. Its biggest blessing is its proximity to our house. Sometimes I would have difficulty waiting for the tricycles to get me to school, but it doesn’t compare to the stress of fighting over jeepneys in Commonwealth, walking long distances in Tandang Sora, and braving the traffic going to Sangandaan, which was my routine for the past 5 years in BSCS. Aside from the travel time, what I love about FEU is that I am able to focus on Guidance and Counseling tasks only- no club, no parents’ association, no events committee to be part of. There’s also a team that supports me, even though we’re handling different levels. I also have some free time each day that I could use to prepare for my MA classes. On the other hand, working in FEU made me think about my ways of doing my work- if it’s really working or not. Here, I learned about ISO, about diligently working under strict supervision (in terms of policies and budget), and about dealing with high-end parents who would weigh you personally and professionally. For the past five months, I adjusted into a new culture- and there are a lot of times that I am so grateful to BSCS for training me well, that it wasn’t difficult to contribute to the office because I already know about it. Minsan nga pakiramdam ko, pakiramdam na ng mga kasama ko, hindi ako baguhan. Anyway, I may be new to FEU, but I’m not a new Counselor. Heheh.

Guidance Unit ❤

Emina Josiela

Ellay x Emmay ❤❤

Ate Joan gave birth on September 29, 2019 to the most loving and clingy baby, Emina Josiela, or Em-em. She had a difficult labor, so she had to deliver through caesarian. Baby Em-em looks exactly like Ephraim, but she is very much attached to Ate Joan. They are staying now in Cavite.

MA Counseling in NTC

MAC 2019-2020 first term survivors 💪

I already completed 10 units of MA, thanks to NTC. It was also a lot of work, especially because my classes were on a Sunday, and at the end of the semester, there were a lot of papers to be submitted. But I really enjoyed my classes especially that our professor is kind and considerate, and my classmates are also kind. But I think that in terms of quality education, NTC really have to do better to be at par with other universities. Not that I’m complaining, because the lax helps me juggle all the things I have to do. Hahah. I think I just have to look for a good review center when I take the board exams in the future.

Ella’s first Halloween Party

My Minnie Mouse 🥰

As Aljhon put it, Halloween becomes more meaningful and exciting when you have a child. True enough, we now appreciate this holiday because of the dressing up part. It was a joy to see Ella enjoying being dolled up, and then playing with other kids who are also in their cutest and terrifying costumes. For her first Halloween party, Ella was Minnie Mouse. She enjoyed the whole party, especially because she was with Ate Heart.

Ms. Blood Olympics – CFC North B

Right in the middle of the busiest season of writing papers for MA and doing tons of conferences and counseling at work, I was tapped to represent the Family Ministries in the CFC Wellness Program Ms. Blood Olympics. The format was like a pageant, but its main purpose is to collect blood donors. I was awarded 2nd Runner Up (not bad considering how bad I was as a candidate hahah) but our talent performance was hailed Champion. It was a memorable experience, for aside from learning how to act in a pageant, I got to know more Titos and Titas as well as YFC ROCKS from the other cluster/ chapter.

Mental Health Seminar at FEU and Kids’ Recollection at BSCS/ Salvacion

I was still in full gear for accepting talk responsibilities in the last quarter of the year. Due to lack of a speaker, I volunteered to be one in our Mental Health Seminar last November. It was an important move, I know, for I uncovered another side of me to my co-Counselors, plus they now know about my becoming a Topnotcher. But I don’t regret any of it, because I helped the office, and another speaking engagement is added to my credentials. Further, I was able to give 2 recollections- at BSCS for Grade 7 students and at OLFC Kalayaan for Salvacion kids.

Kuya Brix’ passing

Just before the year ended, 2019 broke us when Kuya Brix died of drowning in Sorsogon, Bicol. He was one of the victims of Typhoon. It devastated all of us, especially his family who just recently lost his nephew and grandfather. We arranged a eulogy and Praise and Worship in tribute to him, keeping the faith that everything is still in God’s loving hands, despite the pain we have in our hearts.

2019 is a bittersweet year for me, with lots of triumphs and losses. This year I learned that it is God’s will that prevails, no matter how far we go or how hard we try to escape. I may not be able to control all situations to be in accordance to what I want, but God will always be there to provide for all I need.

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