2019 | July

July is the month of heartbreaks and miracles.

Just looking at my Mood Tracker you’ll know I went through series of ups and downs the whole month.

Though we have the means to spend on our daily expenses because of Aljhon’s business, we started to feel the effect of my work hiatus on our savings.

Nastress kami eh! 🥴

Especially that I was finally able to enroll in Graduate School for MA Counseling program. I actually preferred to enroll in UP, but I decided to prioritize the “quicker” route to obtaining MA degree and RGC license, rather than pursuing my dream school.. Sa ngayon, tiis lang muna kasi may hinahabol akong deadline. Pero wait ka lang Sablay, makukuha din kita.. 😊

Home every weekends for the next 2 years 😌

This month, Aljhon and I had more “fights” than usual (which is actually zero 😋 ) over varied concerns- household chores, financial obligations, and individual differences. I cried 😝 and I think he did, too. But the miracle here was Aljhon was able to understand what I’m going through, and I’ve seen great improvements on his attitude (especially towards keeping our house clean hahah 😅 ).

CFC Wellness Program

In terms of service, we persevered in continuing our mission to train our YFC ROCK and to form our KFC, despite low attendance in our members. Sabi nga ni Tito Art, dibale nang konti, basta ang puso nandun.

Ella is still the biggest miracle in my life now. After turning two, I observed rapid development in terms of her speech and social skills. She can now tell short stories of what she did outside with Loloy or if Daddy pinched her again. She plays very well with other children and now she doesn’t want to go home whenever we’re at Loddy’s house because Ate Heart is there. She embraces me more and I’m loving every second and minute of this precious period of time when she’s a baby and child at the same time.

But the biggest heartbreak and miracle is with my “job searching” story this month. Of course I needed to apply, and after some confusion and as to my decision to pursue the Counseling career, I ended up still doing it, because I knew deep down that despite giving me stress and heartaches, that’s what I was made for. It wasn’t easy but I was shortlisted to 3 schools- 1 specialized college and 2 universities. God directed me to the one nearest our house (2 tricycle rides away! My golly) and I felt at home. He has not really forgotten His promise, and I am in awe and eternally grateful.

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