2019| Merry May

I’m still at home, and I’m so glad that I am.

May is officially the most eventful month for me this 2019, so far. I went places, attended church gatherings, watched Ella grew, and rested some more. May is the extension of my vacation that I didn’t requested, but was given, and I’m absolutely grateful.

When a month starts with a holiday, you automatically know it’s not a month for work, but for play, and May is just like that. In the Philippines where the school year is from June to March, this last month of vacation is the time when you realize that time is of the essence and it’s an obligation to make the most out of the remaining carefree days to go out and play, (or sleep, in my own opinion), despite the melting 40-degree temperature. Our family joined in the fun, as we went swimming in Ciudad Christhia 9 waves Resort in San Mateo, Rizal. We actually went there during the Election day, so there were fewer people, and we enjoyed our stay. It was a bit pricey, though, considering what it offers.

May is also the month of celebrations, as we celebrated Mother’s Day, Mama & Papa’s 31st wedding anniversary, Aljhon and I’s anniversary, and Aljhon’s birthday.

This May, I was still in full gear for service. I was invited to be a Resource Speaker for a Mental Health lecture in a youth camp in Morong, Rizal. I was “overly prepared”, and it was a struggle to go there via commute, but I love the experience.

We came closer to ending our Christian Life Program in CFC this May, and as the highlight of our evangelization program, we held the “Baptism” night or the pray-over session this month. This is the time when we prayed over our participants so that they can start a renewed life of commitment to Christ and Christ-centered family life.

And of course, we attended the CFC KFC North Luzon Family Conference at Olongapo City, Zambales. It was both a special religous occasion and simple gala for our chapter as well.

May was a merry month for celebrations and outings and events, but there were still days of topak and loneliness, especially that I’m now on a journey of finding a new workplace. But still, blessings are overflowing and my heart’s totally full. Not because I possess things or that I went to so many places, but because I have Jesus in my heart. Every day, and always.

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