2019 | March and April are for saying goodbye

But I’m also saying “hello” to better things now.

One, I finally submitted my resignation from my post as BSCS Guidance Counselor. But I wasn’t leaving the school not in a high note. I opened the last month of the last school year I’ll ever have with BSCS by making history as I organized the first-ever Acoustic and Open Mic Night as a way to promote our Senior High School. With the help of our Student Council and my two reliable interns, we’ve proven hard work could really pay off. The event, comprising of 10 performances, was a blast both for our students and outsiders. It was actually a lot of work, stressing me real out because it wasn’t Guidance-related stuff and there were so many things (Guidance-related stuff) I needed to accomplish. The last month I spent with my second home for the last five years was stressful and hard work, but still worth it.

BSCS Acoustic Night (03.01.19)

I was also chosen to host this year’s Recognition Rites. Sobrang sinulit nila ang trabaho ko.

The Librarian and the Guidance Counselor. First time for NTP to host a major activity. (04.03.19)
Non-Teaching Staff. I’ll miss you ❤

I must have bid farewall to BSCS, but as Aljhon, put it, I “never quit my job, I just transferred work places”.

Last day of work at BSCS (04.06.19)

March and April also opened up more opportunities for me to give talks, opportunities that I will always consider priceless. I am 100% introvert, but given those opportunities, I’m all out in serving the Lord through being His voice.

Kristong Hari Lenten Recollection. I was invited to share about the Year of the Youth theme “Beloved. Gifted. Empowered” (04.11.19)
CFC CLP Talk #6 Loving thy Neighbors

Passionate about service, Aljhon and I have also said goodbye to being “just a member” in CFC and prepared ourselves to become a Household Leader as we served as Facilitators of the Young Couples group in our present CLP. It was a tough decision for us at first, because we are already serving Kids for Christ, but then God made us for bigger things, and He wanted to use us for more, so why worry?

Cluster NB2 Kids for Christ Couple Coordinators
CFC CLP Young Couples Group

On a more personal level, I welcomed summer and spent April resting at home and taking care of Ella. I really pushed to end my employment on April 5 so that I could be a bum the whole summer! Hahah. We went places, watched movies (Endgame is ❤) and re-watched GOT for the new and final season.

Staycation @ Azure with BSCS friends
Family summer outing at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

I was working non stop since 2011, and I was really looking forward to spend this time for myself and as a full time Mom and wife. And it was the best. I got to be with Ella the whole day, learning more about what she wants and who she is as a little person. I discovered how fast she could learn things, and that even if she looks physically a lot like her father, in the inside she is my mini-me. She is smart, active, thoughtful, kind, and not demanding. She is also stubborn and tough. I am so proud of just being her Mom. One of the best things in my life right now is seeing her open her eyes in the morning and smiling because I am smiling right at her.

I said goodbye to many things in March and April, but there’s a lot more to welcome to in my life now. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Often, it really isn’t easy changing things, but sometimes that’s all that we need to see how we are all meant for bigger, more beautiful things.

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