Pangarap ko ang Ibigin Ka

Ate Joan and Ephraim finally tied the knot on December 18, 2018 at San Roque Parish Church in Cavite City.


It was one of the most important events we are all looking forward to in 2018. Finally, our first-born got to walk down the aisle to be with the love of her life. I remember praying for that person- Ate Joan just got out from an unhappy relationship, and we as a family prayed over her so that her next boyfriend would be the one who can and will love her for the rest of their lives. And God is really good, Ephraim came and he’s an answered prayer!

They decided to get married in Cavite, Ephraim’s hometown. It was a test of faith and love for we have to prepare thoroughly for the things we have to bring, and true enough, it was quite stressful when the day we have to get to Cavite arrived. There were too many things we have to bring, and everyone was stressed. But it was all pre-wedding day jitters, one that you endure for love and can easily be erased through a hug.

We stayed in Octea Resort, the same venue for their wedding reception. The three-storey townhouse was clean and ready when we arrived, but we became concerned because the fire exit door lock was broken and the caretaker told us not to bother because it still locked from the outside if you will just close the door hard, plus he told us not to lock the doors of the rooms because they don’t have keys. We of course were suspicious so we tried to bang the door when he left, and sure enough, we can easily open the door with the broken lock from the outside. We then used a cord to lock that door.

Our relatives from Tarlac and Manila came in the evening. We managed to fit in all the families into three rooms, but the pillows and blankets provided by Octea was not enough. The following morning, few more friends arrived, and there were no enough rooms for all of us. Fortunately, food served by Ephraim’s parents were very comforting, and all our guests were understanding of the predicament. We all love Ate Joan, and we didn’t want to spoil her big day!

The suppliers and few more guests arrived one by one starting at 8am. As the Maid of Honor and appointed Coordinator, I tried my best to troubleshoot the problems we encountered. I just got irritated with her makeup artist, hahah. Pero anyway, the other artist that did our makeup was funny and kind, and we are very satisfied with his work, so okay na din ang pagiging bratinella ni Ate.

The wedding was at 3pm, and I left Octea at 2:30pm with Ephraim. It was a very short travel to the Church, and when we arrived, only the Bible bearer was not yet in. The church’s Coordinator was lining us already, and when Ate Joan arrived, the entourage procession began. I even thought it was only a rehearsal, because the Coordinator was rushing us. He didn’t even bother to close the door and fix ate Joan’s veil and train (which is long and very beautiful). BUT SHE STILL IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE.

The Holy Mass went on and the priest’s homily about love was touching and wonderful. Ate Joan and Ephraim were so happy, and everyone felt the same joy. I facilitated the picture taking after the ceremony, and I am very happy to do that one thing I wish to change in my own wedding (hahah, di naman ako bitter. :p Gusto ko lang din talaga lahat ng mga important guests merong kuha, especially the entourage, and yung merong mga guests na magwwelcome sa couple paglabas ng Simbahan. Pero di ako bitter. Di talaga :p )

The wedding reception at Octea Resort was joyful, despite one flaw that is the resort’s recommended Emcee. This is supposed to be a happy post, but just let me rant for five minutes, dahil baka magpareserve din kayo sa Octea at sya ang maging emcee sa event nyo. Tagalog na din para mas dama. She was very unprofessional. Twice nyang ininjan ang ate ko sa meeting nila before the wedding, lagi pang seen lang ang message sa chat. The first time we met her was the night before the wedding, and she arrogantly told me, “Sa 10 years ko nang paghhost, alam ko na ang best sequence ng program”, referring to our OWN prepared program flow. Wala akong credentials di tulad nya na 10 years na palang Host, pero di ko tanggap yung way nya ng pananalita sakin. Pero okay lang, respeto, at ayaw naming mastress si Ate Joan. On the event itself, she came wearing a body-hugging and super short mini-dress (pero sorry po, she was not slim). Okay sige, pagbigyan pa din. But what we no longer can accept was sinabotahe nya ang program on purpose- sinunod nga nya ang program na prinepare namin, pero sinasadya nyang bagalan ang pagtawag sa mga guests causing everyone to become bored and for that part to consume a lot of time, and by the time na tapos nang kumain yung unang table na tinawag for picture taking and buffet, magsstart pa lang kumain yung last table. Tapos wala syang ginawa para maentertain ang mga guests, isa-isa na tuloy nagpaalam. Di sya nagconnect sa mga bisita, at ni hindi nga nya tinatawag by name yung mga nagsasalita, kahit pa sila ate Joan at Ephraim, “Bride” & “Groom” lang ang tawag nya. Sabi nung resort owner, magaling naman daw yun na Host, di nya lang alam bakit naging ganun ang attitude nya sa amin. Kaya mas lalong nakakagigil. Sayang talaga kasi okay naman sana ang food at service ng Octea.

But anyway, tapos na ung rant. We enjoyed our stay in Cavite, and Ate Joan found her forever and promised to love him for the rest of their lives. I know weddings can be too stressful, because we desire for a perfect one. But just like any relationship, nothing and nobody is perfect. When I got married, I realized that the wedding preparation, ceremony, and reception are all like married life. Kumbaga, binibigyan ka ng preview on what’s gonna happen to all the days after that “BIG DAY”. The stresses, drama, indecisions, pangingialam ng pamilya, financial difficulty, or personal issues that happened during the preparation and event itself will all happen again- everyday. But just like what we did on those early days, we must (and will) endure, because we’re seeking for and looking at just one goal- to be with that one person we love.

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