2019 | January’s Best

The first month of 2019 has proven how strong yet fragile I really am. There were a lot of challenges that weighed me down, being tired was an understatement. Because of my decision to try my luck and apply for a new job in a different workplace, January became the month when I resolved to face all my backlogs and put my office into “perfect” order for the sake of the next Counselor. But numerous cases piled into the Guidance Office, and I didn’t have a choice but to put that off. The violations of our students really made me sad, and I would often wonder why would they do such evil things. 😦 That’s why the recent news about decreasing the age of criminal liability into age 9 is so relevant for me, but I guess that’s for another blog post.

Anyway, my work was so exhausting, but family life is doing well. Our dearest baby Ella is becoming a toddler now, palikot sya ng palikot araw-araw. But I observed that Ella is now recognizing our routine- I could definitely feel that she already knows I am not the Parent who got to stay with her every day. But instead of shying away from me, she is clinging to me every time she has the chance. It is both sweet and heartbreaking for me. As much as I want to take care of her every single day, I have the responsibility to provide for the family’s needs.

Making memories this 2019 💖
Yey! Coffee date with Daddy and Ella ^_^ We redeemed the SB Travel Organizer ^_^
The Agustins dinner at Gilligans

January was also a good month for service. We started well in our goal of training and forming our YFC ROCK Facilitators. We had an enjoyable chapter assembly, though both our YFCs and KFCs were still low in numbers. Yet we are hopeful, and given the current predicament of our community, that is what really matters now.

Chapter Aseembly for the Month of January
Couple Coordinators Service Meeting at Calle Bistro

Generally, I’m pleased to be able to say I am happy, despite the difficulties I experience at work. I got to take care of my self (I took a short “me time”), was able to spend time and partey with my Gen Choir friends and I was also able to visit Isaiah. But the sweetest blessing of all for the month of January was Ate Joan’s pregnancy. We are all joyful, especially Mama and Papa. God is really good and generous.

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