13 on the 13th

It’s Ella’s 13th month today! 💖

And since Mommy has no work (yey!) and she has the time to have another post, here are 13 facts about our little Princess:

1. Her name was originally planned to be Rafaella Naomi (I love the name Rafaella and we want our kids to be named after Bible characters) way back since Aljhon and I were still bf/gf. However, her due date fell on June 14, the birthday of Aljhon’s favorite Auntie Susan (real name is Jesusa) so we decided to replace Naomi. I think it is also proper because my 2 brothers’ first given names are Jesus and Rafael.

2. Ella has been very kind to Mommy even when she was still inside her tummy. I didn’t have any paglilihi problem, though I would always remember that I started to L.O.V.E. eating when I was still pregnant with her. Biruan nga naming sa buffet pinaglihi si Ella eh dahil andami kong napuntahang buffet nung panahong buntis ako.

3. She stayed 10 months (40weeks) and 4 days inside my womb.

4. My labor with Ella started at 4:30am when I woke up and noticed my water already broke. We arrived at UST Hospital by 5:30am, and that was when the contractions started to come. I labored until I was taken into delivery room by 8:30am. I gave birth to the most beautiful angel at exactly 10:20am.

5. She weighed 2.9 kgs and was 50 cm long when I gave birth to her.

6. The first time I see her, my first thought was, “kamukha ko siya“. 😢

7. Ella did not cry at first when I delivered her. She also got a low APGAR score so the doctors needed to “warm” her up for a while before giving her to me. We both had fever as well right after the delivery, so we stayed for another 2 hours inside the delivery room. We met Daddy Aljhon by 12:30pm.

8. She also didn’t cry when she got her first ever vaccine. The pedia was amazed that she had to pinch our little baby to make her cry.

9. We went out of the hospital by the 3rd day. At night time, Ella got dehydration fever. I will never forget how fearful I was of that night.

10. Ella never tasted formula milk until after 8 months & 20 days, when I was hospitalized due to gastroenteritis. But we have started to feed her solid foods when she turned 5 months old (we had to because she did not gain weight from 4 to 5 months).

11. Our little baby has always been a big eater. She doesn’t like pureed or mashed food, but enjoys table food (rice + dish variand). She likes vegetables, even until now.

12. Ella has always been strong physically (THANK YOU LORD) because Daddy Aljhon made it a point to have a daily tummy time ever since she came home to us. We also did not use a walker but Ella is now walking on her own (pero hindi pa din naman ganun kastable and balanced).

13. Ella doesn’t enjoy watching videos too much, instead, prefers active games. She always wants a playmate to join her in her every activity.

Happy 13th Month mahal naming Prinsesa 💖

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