Of field and failed days

This year’s educational trip for the Preschool and Grade School departments was held last Saturday at Paradise Adventure Camp in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. The landscaping of the area is neat but very simple. What I like most about this field trip is the activities offered by the camp, which were enjoyed not just by our pupils but by the parents as well. Our students (and their parents) participated in bracelet-making, pottery & jewelry box- painting, math problems- solving, and various science experiments. They also have a mini-Lego land, mini- 3D art museum, and Ifugao museum. Though this is not the most enjoyable field trip I had attended, what we did was not bad either (plus points for the fact that the camp has energetic facilitators enough for us teachers to have a day off, hahah!).

While this day was spent well, I only had regretted leaving Ella longer than the usual. I left home at 5 in the morning, and got back by 6:30 pm. Aljhon also had his photography class in the morning, so the babe was left with the parentals. According to them, Ella was gloomy that morning. 😦 Also, I struggled with pumping milk for the little one. 😦 We aimed for 8 bottles (32 oz), but I managed to pump only 6 (24 oz- even if I pumped at 12mn, 2am, and 4am). Napasabi pa tuloy daw si hubby na tipirin ang gatas, kaya siguro tumamlay ang baby Ella namin. 😦 It just broke my heart knowing I failed in meeting the needs of my child. I know being a working Mom entails a LOT of sacrifices, but even having the justification of “no mother’s perfect” wouldn’t give me (or any mom) comfort. I failed. Period. But what’s beautiful about motherhood (and life, per se) is that we can always learn from it. One bad day would not make me a bad Mom, and failures won’t make me stop trying to be a good one.

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