Of life and reminiscing last weekend

#GorioPH decided to finally let the sun shine last Saturday so Aljhon and I took the chance to take Ella to her first out-of-bahay experience.

Aside kasi from attending Sunday mass in the neighborhood chapel and her first checkup in UST, this is our first pasyal as a family. I am somewhat hesitant to take baby Ella out for fear of her getting infection, and I am also not really looking forward to nurse in public. But I am also getting itchy to go out myself and eat out again. So we went to the mall, bought a carrier for Ella and had an early dinner. Happy mommy na ako! 

Though parang hindi masyadong happy ang aming Baby😛 Hahahah! 

I was very thankful for Ella was behaved while we ate inside the restaurant. She had been irritable and colicky the past few days (huhuh) so I was afraid that she might throw a crying fit while in the mall, but she just quietly observed her new surroundings when she woke up then breastfeed calmly back to sleep. Again, I am still no expert on this, but I just would like to share my learnings on how we had a no-fuss outing with a two-month baby:

  • I planned ahead. Being an OC that I am, I made sure I knew where we’re headed, what are the activities we’re going to do, where we’ll eat exactly, and approximately what time we can get home. While this is no-brainer, I just think that being this “organized” to schedule can make a big difference on what things to bring and more importantly, what you can expect from your gala. By planning ahead, I also have a heads up on when will my baby need to feed. And that leads to my second learning-
  • I fed the baby right before heading out of the house. I think this vital measure made our plan of having a peaceful pasyal possible and saved us from a hungry, crying little one. Because she feeds every 1-2 hours, I only nursed her once when we went out. And this helped me to achieve learning #3-
  • I relaxed and just paid attention to the three of us. Well, I am an introvert and I have this bad habit of overthinking what others may say or think about what I am doing (the Spotlight effect) – thus, what concerned and freaked me out the most is breastfeeding in public. But actually, I learned that when your baby is right there wide-eyed looking at you, expecting to be nursed, there’s no more introversion, spotlight effect, or any shame at all. Everything just takes a back seat. And though I honestly felt awkward at first, my baby and her needs are always the topmost priority. And that makes me brave and proud to breastfeed my child even in public.

In addition, I was able to return to some activities I had forgone when I entered the last trimester of my pregnancy with Ella.  Aljhon and I attended the Sunday mass at POLP (we didn’t bring Ella because it was raining) and I rode the motorcycle on the way home. I missed riding, going to POLP, and most especially having some solo time with the hubby. I am not complaining, but taking care of Ella requires a lot- if not all- of time, and though we may not admit it, our life nowadays totally just revolve around her.

Doing all those things again (and writing this blog post) makes me think of how I also miss my life before Ella. But of course I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything in the world. I already had a fair share of the single life, and what I have now with Aljhon and Ella is everything I wanted and all I ask for.

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